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As an NSF certified facility, Baxter Source, Inc. offers spring water direct from our protected sources.  We run an automated facility that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.  There is the option for either UV treated water or UV + ozone treated water each with their own fill station.  We offer spring water in bulk quantities only and at this time do not offer transportation or bottling services, however, we can happily direct you to companies that provide these services if need be.

The natural springs located in the vicinity of Baxter, at the 4000ft. level of the Sierra-Nevada, have been a natural resource used since the days of the early settlors.

The springs were discovered and developed during the latter part of the 19th century.  The community of Baxter was named after Joseph Quincy Baxter, who immigrated to California in the mid-1800's.

In the early days the springs were used in the cattle business.  Later, when automobiles were developed, Baxter became a stop for travelers heading over the Sierras with Baxter Camp becoming a popular mountain retreat prior to development of the freeway.

In the 1980's the great grandson of Joseph Quincy Baxter further developed the springs to meet Federal and State requirements for bottled water along with building the existing Bulk Spring Water Facility.  Baxter spring water has been provided to large and small water bottling companies ever since.

Today, the facility is run by the great great grandson of Joseph Quincy Baxter under the entity Baxter Source, Inc.


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