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Your Trusted Source of Natural Spring Water 


At Baxter Source, Inc., we take pride in being an NSF-certified facility dedicated to providing you with the finest spring water directly from our protected sources in the Sierra Nevada. Operating around the clock, our automated facility ensures a consistent supply of pure, high-quality water throughout the year. 


We offer bulk spring water, catering to large and small bottling companies. Our facility features advanced options for water treatment, including UV-treated water and UV + ozone-treated water, each with dedicated fill stations to meet diverse needs. 


While focusing on water supply, we understand the importance of comprehensive service. Although we do not directly offer transportation or bottling services, we are more than willing to connect you with reputable companies that do. 


We are committed to delivering spring water that meets the highest quality and purity standards, a promise we've kept since the springs were developed to meet Federal and State requirements in the 1980s. 



Welcome to Baxter Source, Inc.

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Discover More About Our Legacy and Commitment to Quality 

Would you be interested in learning more about our heritage, sustainable practices, and the journey of our spring water? Click to learn more about Baxter Source, Inc. and our dedication to providing you with nature's best. 


PH: 530-389-2501

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